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    We carefully read your manuscript to be sure that the sentence structure is clear and correct.
    We alert you to difficulties or shortcomings in the manuscript and help you fix them so that your work is well written.

    Cost: $75 Cdn/hour (approximately 6 pages per hour, varies with quality of the writing)


    We have skilled writers who can translate your manuscript from FRENCH to English and from SPANISH to English.

    Cost: $0.20 Cdn/word


    Need help organizing your paper? Outlining the sections? Developing figures and tables? Knowing where to start? We can work with you – by skype or chat – to coach you through any or all of the writing process. We can work with you alone or your entire research group.

    Cost: $75 Cdn/hour


    We are experienced instructors and can design a specialized course to meet your needs. One day to 15 days. We can teach writing for graduate students, faculty, and/or postdocs. We can emphasize writing for publication, academic writing in general, and conference abstracts, as you wish. We can also design courses to help in giving presentations at conferences.

    Cost: To be discussed